International Impact, Inc. is a non-profit organization, founded to assist evangelical Christians in the post-communist countries. All money given is used for such projects as printing Bibles and gospel tracts, conducting pastor's seminars, construction of new church buildings and supporting orphanages.

The arrangements are simple:

  1. FEE: International Impact, Inc. does have a fee for Dr. Nikol's speaking and/or playing. The rates are:
    • Up to 100 people - $500.00
    • 100 - 300 people - $750.00
    • 300 - 500 people - $1,000.00
    • More than 500 people - $1,500.00
    • Over 2,000 people - $2,500.00
  2. It will be appreciated if the people are made aware ahead of time that they may contribute some donations for the above mentioned purposes, if they wish to do so.
  3. TRAVEL EXPENSES: The sponsoring organization is responsible for Dr. Nikol's travel expenses (i.e. air fare, car rental, mileage at 50.0 cents per mile, hotel, and/or means). These expenses may be shared between churches if the circumstances apply as in Number 4 below.
  4. If the meeting/s fall on Friday and/or Saturday, we kindly request that Sunday meetings be arranged in churches in the same area in the event that Dr. Nikol is not already scheduled. Arrangements for church meetings are in a different format. We will need names, addresses, and phone numbers of the contacted pastors to finalize the schedule.
  5. As an extension of her ministry, Dr. Nikol sells tapes, videos, and CDs. We reserve the right to sell them at each meeting, and we ask that a table be provided in the meeting area for this purpose. All proceeds go toward the ministry of International Impact, Inc. Audio and videotaping is allowed for the sponsoring organization's records, but not for sale.

NOTE: The honorarium check should be made payable to Dr. Margaret Nikol. If there is a love offering, checks should be made payable to International Impact, Inc. and given directly to Dr. Nikol. Tax deductible receipts will be sent to the donors. Travel expenses need to be paid on a separate check and should be made payable to Dr. Margaret Nikol.

God bless you in your ministry, and thank you for considering our ministry and for your concern for God's people who are still being persecuted in many parts of the world.



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