Born into a pastor's family in communist Bulgaria, Margaret Nikol learned firsthand about anti-Christian religious persecution at a young age. Her father was jailed because he preached the Gospel and Margaret's family suffered greatly during those difficult times.

Before Margaret was born, her mother prayed for seven years that she would be blessed with a child who would be musically talented and serve the Lord with that gift. In time, God honored her mother's heartfelt desire.

In spite of the anti-Christian persecution endured by the family, God placed Margaret Nikol in some of the best music schools behind the Iron Curtain.

After studying in Bulgaria, she enrolled at the University of Moscow, where she earned her Doctorates in Musicology and Performance. Dr. Nikol studied violin with Professor David Oistrach.

After winning a European violin competition, Dr. Nikol was officially assigned to work in East Germany as a concert violinist.

Because of her determination to stay faithful to her Christian commitment, Margaret Nikol was forced in 1981 to make her dramatic escape to the West. Since then, she has lived in the United States.

Margaret is the only living member of her entire family. Both of her parents and her brother, all pastors in Bulgaria, gave their lives for the Gospel.

Today Margaret Nikol devotes her life to serving the Lord, as she ministers to churches and Christian organizations with her outstanding music and powerful testimony of faith.

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Eight Messages for Dr. Nikol’s
Speaking Engagements

Dr. Nikol has eight different messages for her speaking engagements so there can be a different message for each subsequent visit:

1. “TO GOD BE THE GLORY” – Complete testimony usually given on a first visit

2. “WHAT TO DO WHEN WE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO” (Pause, Pray, Praise)

3. “THE TOUCH OF THE MASTER’S HAND” (God’s hand in Dr. Nikol’s life)


5. “HER CHILDREN RISE UP AND CALL HER BLESSED” (For Mother’s Day – Prov. 31:28)

6. “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN” (For Father’s Day)

7. “SACRIFICE OF THANKSGIVING” – Can be used at any time of the year, but is often used at Thanksgiving

8. “JOY TO THE WORLD” – (Christmas Program)

Here, you can find a poster to help everyone know about her visit: Dr. Nikol poster

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